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She's right. We all like you, Circus Baby. You just got to realize, that, well, you're not the only one here who has good ideas. The best ideas come from working together as a team, and that's also where the best friendships come from.

Freddy Fazbear is the main protagonist of Fazbear & Friends. He is the lead singer & leader of the Fazbear Band and presumably the one running the pizzeria as a whole.


He looks similar to his Five Nights At Freddy's counterpart with a few unimportant differences. The 2 main differences are the more visible endoskeleton and the much lighter chest. The much lighter chest could resemble Withered Freddy from Five Nights At Freddy's 2. Freddy in Fazbear & Friends also has a darker eye color then his original counterpart in Five Nights At Freddy's.


Freddy has a serious personality and knows how correct the mistakes of some animatronics and even his friends, for example he helped Bonnie to get a new guitar in "Bonnie BROKE His Guitar!?" and even discussed with Circus Baby about the changes that would harm the animatronic life, this makes him a leader who has high responsibility. He is also a leader with a heart since always supports his friends.


Freddy and his friends first appeared in the first episode where they both helped Foxy find a new hook, but neither was successful, but when they were about to give up, Bonnie removes a green shirt from a hook revealing that Bonnie had the hook. all this time, Freddy, Foxy and Chica are scowling at Bonnie for stealing Foxy's hook

The next day, Freddy and his friends were preparing to work at the pizzeria but when Freddy looks for Chica, he finds her sick lying in bed, Freddy asks her if she wants to go to work, she accepts but with the condition of not infecting no one, Chica leaves and Freddy comments that he had a Bonnie complex previously.

Later Freddy walks near the stage and sees in shock a VHS video where he tried to act as Foxy but could not, winning the gaze of the children who looked at him confused and surprised, Freddy tries to do his best to stop the recording but He ends up losing his mind when he can't stop it

Later the next day, Freddy decides to help Bonnie get a new guitar that had been broken in the process, he decides to call the guitar store to check with the guitarist and buy the guitar for him, but after that he realizes that they can't talk to humans so together with Bonnie they decide to make a costume so as not to scare the seller, after a long time of waiting Freddy gives his new guitar to Bonnie which makes her have fun playing all night , Freddy feels almost sorry for doing that to get Bonnie's new guitar.

On one of those afternoons, while he was watching the Bambi movie with his friends, he hears a noise outside the pizzeria, they run to see it and find a wooden box that hid something hidden, Freddy decides to open the box on his own but when he is About to do so, he receives a powerful kick that flies him towards the wall and ends up being crushed, when he regains consciousness, he realizes that there was a new animatronic named Circus Baby who was a descendant of the Funtimes, he likes Freddy but he gets jealous when she takes over the pizzeria leaving her friends to join her and leave him behind.

Later, while he was cleaning the bathroom on his own, his friends run to his aid because Circus Baby did bad things to them, Freddy reconciles with his friends and they argue with Circus Baby about the changes that occur in animatronic life, Circus Baby accepts join them and let themselves be understood.


In "Freddy is hurt!" he tells his friends that he has a bump on his head due to him wearing his top hat and that he would remain deformed for the rest of his life, however Foxy reminds him that this is not an animated series and lowers his bump with his hook and both celebrate, however the celebration is interrupted when Freddy asks Foxy that this is all an animated series

In "Bonnie is Missing!?" he reunites with his friends to look for Bonnie but no matter how hard they looked there is no trace of him, until at the end they find him hiding in the oven eating pizza

In "Freddy uses HACKS to CHEAT!" he tries to use a cheat code to do an experiment but when he does so, a video game man appears, when he tries to greet him the guy hits him several times until he is pureed

In "Golden Freddy Goes to prisson!" they both find a chest full of gold and get rich, however one day while they were relaxing, Audrey appears breaking into their house to arrest them for spending millions with false coins, in the end he along with his friends are arrested for their crimes

In "FREDDY SPENDS 24 HOURS IN A DUMPSTER!" Freddy records a video where he would have to do the 24-hour challenge in a garbage can, after a few minutes he hears a garbage truck approaching and ends up in the middle of the garbage where the compactor crushes him to kill him (Note: this short is where Freddy was left for dead)

In "Foxy and Chica BODY SWAP?!" he only appears in her Bonnie form scaring Chica and Foxy.

In "Purple Guy Kills Golden Freddy!" Freddy in his golden form appears along with his friends when Purple Guy arrives at their home to feed them chocolate chip cookies without realizing they were just raisins.

In "Undertale vs FNaF!" Papyrus captures him along with Bonnie believing they were humans but Sans tries to tell him that they are not humans, but robots, but despite that he decides to free them but accidentally presses the button where they are trapped in a cage, Freddy is seen laughing at Sans joke.

Freddy does not appear in any other shorts until "Why is Circus Baby Changing!?" where he runs to the back room where Circus Baby was waiting for him, he tells him about the existence of Shadow Bonnie, he tells him that he only appears when he eats mustard and when he cleans the tables, but suddenly he appears before them but they are even more terrified to see that was British and they scream in agony upon discovering their native language.

In "FREDDY'S is UNDER ATTACK by the AMALGAMATION!" Purple Guy visits him to present his new invention known as the amalgam that is presented as a machine that has the heads of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy, Freddy is surprised to see that it works literally to cook fast, but he feels deceived by Purple Guy when he realizes that his body is attached to the machine and did not have fun at all until Purple Guy gets stuck and asks him to bring him a lever

In "Monika vs FNaF!?" Freddy attends the literature club to read a good book without knowing that this would cause him nightmares, he forms close bonds with Sayori, Yuri and Natsuki only to discover them dead because Monika was the monster behind everything, he is finally destroyed by her when mentions you about your posture.

In "Circus Baby Sleepover!" appears near the end of the video where he is with Bonnie having tea.



He and Bonnie seem to get along very well such as helping him get a new guitar in Bonnie BROKE His Guitar!? Additionally, multiple instances throughout the series implies that Freddy has many Bonnie similarities, due to sharing the same voice actor, and Freddy having a Bonnie complex, while also turning into Bonnie in one of the shorts.


Freddy cares about Chica's well-being. In Chica is SICK!? he asked if she was okay.


Him and Foxy get along good. He can get annoyed when Foxy's not being specific such as in Where is Foxy's Hook?! when Foxy can't describe what or where he lost his hook. He tries to help him find a replacement hook by giving a microphone and a pocket knife.

Purple Guy[]

Freddy is fearful of Purple Guy and his sadistic cruelty, in "Freddy’s is Under Attack by the Amalgamation!" he is no longer afraid of him because he offered to ask for help to show her his new invention: The Son, which was just a disguise by Purple Guy himself. Moreover, he hates him & his pranks.

Circus Baby[]

When he first met Circus Baby, he was jealous of her stealing his friends from him, and his pizzeria. However, Freddy encourages Circus Baby to stop being selfish, and start thinking about the others, reforming her, and making Circus Baby and Freddy friends. Additionally, they are possibly shown to be in a relationship, shown in the Version A ending of Circus Baby VS. Freddy!, where their rooms were their rooms were fused together, and in a community post for the Circus Baby VS. Freddy song which had a heart after "BFFs?...", implying that they're romantically attracted to each other.[1]

Sans and Papyrus[]

Freddy briefly met Sans and Papyrus after the latter accidentally captured him and Bonnie when he mistook them for humans. Unlike most people, Freddy actually laughs at Sans's puns.

Shadow Bonnie[]

It is one of Freddy's biggest fears since he harasses him when he is cleaning the tables and when he is having lunch except when he is in the dark, possibly it is his greatest fear than Purple Guy, that he told Circus Baby about his existence and despite the fact that When she saw him in his ordinary body, it didn't take long for her to be scared for life, until Shadow Bonnie showed up, with a british accent! He screams with Circus Baby in complete terror.


  • The short Freddy is HURT!? reveals that Freddy wears his top hat because of a bump on his head. This problem was narrowly averted at the end.
  • He and Bonnie are both voiced by Zachary Preciado.
    • In the Spanish and Russian dubs, they are both voiced by the same voice actor as well.
    • Additionally, Foxy and Chica BODY SWAP?! indirectly shows this with Freddy creepily turning into Bonnie. Same could be said for when Freddy commented saying that he always thought he had a Bonnie complex in Chica is SICK!?
  • Freddy doesn't appear in most of the newer shorts, but he does in appear in "Why is Circus Baby changing!?" and in "Freddy’s is Under Attack by the Amalgamation!"
  • Freddy's favorite food is most likely mustard, as implied in Why is Circus Baby Changing!?.
  • He sounds like his VA Zachary Preciado but with a sort of Texan accent. Same thing applies to Chica the Chicken with her VA, Frongi.
  • Recently, due to reasons, Freddy is a supporting to minor character if the shorts are counted. It is likely because of milking other characters.



Freddy has died numerous times on the show, but these aren't official or ever taken seriously.


Freddy Fazbear (English)[]

Freddy Fazbear in the opening theme song

Freddy presents the new and improved hook to Foxy (Episode 1)