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I want the next FNAF game to be all about me, I already have planned out, there's gonna be a giant Freddy Fazbear mall, Golden Freddy statues and, and...

Vanny is an minor antagonist who appears in the short "Vanny is in Love!?", who also acts as the main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.


Vanny is a living rabbit booty who simply wears the same costume as she appeared in Security Breach.


Unlike her canon counterpart, who is usually cunning, malicious and psychopathic, this version of Vanny goes against everything about her and is the complete opposite. Like Circus Baby & Circus Blueby, Vanny is crazy as usual and does not show terrifying traits to be a psychopath who only kidnaps her victims, she is also excited for the premiere of Security Breach due to being the main villain.


Freddy, Bonnie, Chica & Foxy[]

He took them as bait at the beginning of the short and started making fun of them since the only one who was more popular was Foxy, which disliked all of them.

Scott Cawthon[]

She also took it as bait when he was trapped in the same place as the animatronics and exaggerated having made everyone feel bad about his withdrawal, but she always angrily silences him to avoid prevention.



Fazbear and friends zamination Vanny in is love in FNAF Security Breach Huggy Wuggy In Encantedmob


  • Vanny is the first Security Breach character to appear in the Fazbear and Friends shorts.
  • Vanny is the first character to name the title of the series: Fazbear & Friends
  • Despite Vanny only appearing in two shorts, he does not appear again in the Security Breach shorts as he only appears in thumbnails.